Hello my name is Chichi, founder of PrimeBeing Company.

The picture above describes a Happy, FREE woman, which is what I always wanted for myself…

See my name is Chichi Okafor and when I was younger I was an active kid. 

I played three sports throughout school, which helped me “balance out my eating.” 

But that all changed when I “became sedentary” in the university — and found herself stuck in a complicated, 5-year relationship.

“I wasn’t mindful at all about what I was eating,”  

“If I wanted to eat something, I didn’t really think twice about it.

Looking back now, one word to describe myself was an “emotional eater,” and I would regularly eat whatever junk food I could find — for happy or sad moments.

“It was easier for me to eat instead of tackling what was going on,”

“It was easier to say, ‘I’ll feel better for 15 minutes while I’m eating a cheeseburger’ and not think about how bad I would feel afterwards.”

I would typically skip breakfast or get a soft drink and cake, and then “treat” herself with a big bowl of heavy carbohydrates for lunch to make up for the missed meal. 

“I would fall asleep with probably 12,000 calories in me, and then wake up and wonder,

‘Why am I so tired?’ ”

In 2016 I decided to join a Gym and follow a strict diet plan… and for a while it worked really well  — I lost about 60 lbs.

“I had some guilt about losing the weight while every other person was out there having a good time

“So I lost a bunch of weight but then slid back.” This went on for a while before I finally found a solution

I wanted to find a simple solution to help reach my weight loss goals and we found a simple way to do so!

Whatever your lifestyle may be, KETO can easily be a part of it.

We believe in healthy living, including a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. Whether your new to the Ketogenic diet or not, our team is here to help you reach your goals!

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